CROWNSVILLE CENTER - It's Time To Make A Place For Everybody

   A New and Exciting Plan For A

Village of Health, Healing and Hope

The time has come for the 532 acres and 66 buildings at Crownsville Hospital Grounds to be refreshed and vitalized into a dynamic and living resource for the citizens of the Crownsville Community, Anne Arundel County and the State of Maryland.

There is a plan to allow the grounds to be used for vital and critical services to many people and, simultaneously, to provide family and community access of the campus to all citizens.

It calls for expanding the non profit and social services already in operation on the grounds to include other needed and essential services. The agencies, non profits, faith-based and social service operations will work in symbiotic relationships with one another resulting in a dynamic and unique resurgence of services to the needy and hurting.

The campus also will offer opportunities for family and community uses that will compliment the surrounding communities. They will include sports and spaces for family outings, picnics and other activities. The campus will assume and take on a village-like character to help its clients and the community to intermingle and wisely use an extremely valuable resource for the benefit of many.

The next meeting of the Board and Members of CSCC has not been scheduled at the Food Bank on the Crownsville Hospital Campus.   All are welcome.

A special meeting of the Board of Directors (only) is scheduled for March 1, 2013 at 10:00 at the Food Bank.